• Repair or replace Air Conditioning and Heating, Split Systems, Package Units, Heat Pumps, Electric Heaters, Ductless Systems, Air Handlers, Coils etc.
  • Installation in new or existing residential and commercial buildings.
  • Replacements matching existing equipment or upgrading them.
  • System evaluation, which includes inspection of equipment, ducts, supply vents, return grills, running the equipment, and take the following readings: amperage/volts, high/low pressure,
  • sub-cooling, superheat, wet/dry bulb, temperature difference and temperature rise.
  • Duct leak tests. This involves, pressurizing the system and measuring the leakage amount, apply theatrical fog to locate the air leak precisely. The maximum air leak allowed by the new
  • regulation is 6% or less on new construction and 15% on existing home or building.
  • Air Balance is accomplished by measuring the CFM, installing manual dampers as needed, changing registers and grills and replacing ducts if needed and of course assuming that the equipment was sized properly and is running properly without air restriction in the indoor coil.
  • Load Calculation, we accomplished this, by inputting information obtained from your home into a computerized program to size your equipment, duct and air inlet/outlets
  • Installation or repair duct work.
  • Indoor air quality and filters.
  • We have long or short term maintenance agreements.
  • Extended warranties are available on parts, air conditioning equipment, and labor (call us for details)
  • FREE service call with any heating or air conditioning repaired.
  • FREE in-house estimates for new air conditioning / heating systems.
  • FREE second opinion on compressor replacement.
  • FREE electronic air filter with a complete a/c and heating installation.

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